Why Take Coaching ? Why not do Self Study ?

Self Study vs. Coaching ?

This is one of the most important aspect when we start preparing for CSIR-UGC NET-JRF exam or any other research oriented exam.

During College Days:

  • During our graduation and Post-Graduation our priority remains different as we want to learn every aspect of the subject for thorough and comprehensive knowledge.
  • During these years we are more focused to syllabus which is taught in semester or annual basis Under Credit Based Continuous Evaluation & Grading System for theory & practical exams conducted by different universities or colleges

How is a Competitive Exam Different ?

  • But when it comes to research and fellowship exam it differs for example, The pattern for the Single Paper MCQ test with duration of three hours and question paper is divided in three parts containing General Aptitude subject-related conventional MCQs, higher value questions that may test the candidate’s knowledge of scientific concepts and/or application of the scientific concepts.
  • The questions are of analytical nature where a candidate is expected to apply the scientific knowledge to arrive at the solution to the given scientific problem.
  • Negative marking for wrong answers. Ultimately, student has to cover all the syllabus with in limited period of time and as well totally different approach according to the pattern of exam and intensity of competition.

The Power of Combination:

Self Study + Coaching = Success in CSIR NET Exam 

  • Self-study is the common essential component whether you are doing self-preparation or coaching. So this fact is clear that one has to go for self-study in both the cases. During self-Preparation, the process needs time, focus and competitive approach.
  • The selection of actual topic which seems relevant and important becomes difficult or time-consuming process. The analysis of previous examinations might take extra efforts to conclude the right direction and focus for examination. The tendency of the student remains same to cover every bit of syllabus and read study material thoroughly for best preparation.
  • It seems good but in this process we lack time for proper revision of important as well as all the content we studied. Only right kind of mentor can help and guide us but he is not available all the time with us. So hesitation here becomes one of the issue for not asking for help from mentor.
  • Time is not sufficient for taking care of every bit and aspect of exam preparation. On the other hand, Coaching saves time, provides regularity , sharpens our focus , helps in developing Self thinking, self-analysis technique and moreover and provide authentic mentor for clearing doubts. Its gives us the right kind of temperament to prepare for the exam and right techniques for solving different problems with different and time-tested techniques.

So who wins ?

At the end we can only say that coaching is not the priority of every student and coaching without self-study cannot do much to boom your career but coaching only has one priority! Crack The Exam. Coaching can help the student in cracking the exam so if you planning to join the coaching then join, it would definitely help a student to crack the exam. You should not expect comprehensive knowledge of the subject in coaching; after all you have spent number of years in the particular subject during graduation and post-graduation. You are most welcome to contact BioTecNika for career guidance or any query related to CSIR, JAM, OCET/MSc Entrance and Gate.

  • Final Thoughts:There are 2 ways of learning: Either you make a mistake and learn from it or you learn from other people mistakes, When you are studying in a coaching you certainly learn from the mistakes during the elaborate practice provided and teachers experience comes handy.
  • It’s needless to point out that when you took help of teachers all through out your life right from your nursery to Post Graduation then why shy away when it comes to most important exam of your life

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